At Cupeyville School we know that as parents, you are looking for the best educational alternative not only in academic terms but for the safety of your child as well. As Puerto Rico’s Top English teaching private school, we have taken every step to provide our students with the academic excellence necessary for them to succeed with virtual learning while implementing the optimal protocols for their safe return to our campus. The safety and wellbeing of our students is of utmost importance at Cupeyville School.

During what are certainly unprecedented times, Cupeyville School’s administration and its faculty have worked diligently to redesign the established teaching strategies and methodologies to provide an effective virtual learning experience for their students supported by state-of-the-art technology. Students from PPK to 12th grade are taught a full curriculum including core classes and electives. To minimize student burn-out brain breaks and mindfulness activities were included as part of the students’ schedule. Brain breaks are incorporated pauses during virtual learning in which the students and the teachers decompress for a moment and shift direct attention away from the course material. Virtual classes are taught through Microsoft Teams while evaluations, progress, school communications and announcements are managed through the online platform Plus Portals. Other online platforms such as Seesaw, Khan Academy and Kahoot are used to support the assessment and evaluation process. Attendance, uniform, classroom behavior and discipline policies are enforced to promote responsibility and structure. Cupeyville School understands that students are learning in an atypical situation, therefore leniency is being practiced regarding evaluations and assessments and school resources have been assigned to help you and your student through the process from virtual teaching concerns to technology support to internet connection and power outages. A support system has been created to guide you along the way and keep the communication flowing while in distance.

Cupeyville School’s administrative team and support personnel have designed and implemented a comprehensive safety protocol for the students’ safe return to the campus. For example, to prevent student crowding staggered arrivals and dismissals with multiple drop-off and pick-up zones were developed. Face covers and temperature checks are mandatory for all persons entering the school be it by car or in person. Multiple handwashing stations were installed throughout the school to promote frequent handwashing. Student group sizes were significantly reduced to allow for proper distancing within the classroom. For additional safety, protective shields were installed on all individual student desks and tables and daily sanitization of all buildings and areas is carried out. These are just some examples of the mitigation measures taken by Cupeyville School in support of the wellbeing of their school community. Our safety protocol procedures have been proven effective with our Pre Pre-Kinder and Pre-Kinder students whom have been taking in-person classes since the beginning of the academic year, as so permitted by the Departamento de la Familia de Puerto Rico.

Cupeyville School is a private, quality English-instruction college-preparatory school from PPK to 12th grade, providing academic excellence since 1963. Cupeyville School is non-sectarian, co-educational with a multicultural student community and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and CADIE. Cupeyville School’s student population is approximately 900 students and employs a combined faculty and administrative staff of approximately 125 members.

Cupeyville School students define themselves as Well-Rounded, Goal Oriented students who achieve their objectives by being Perseverant, Dedicated, and Versatile Multi-Taskers. Our student body is well balanced with a fine mix of academically skilled, creative, and athletic students. Students are active in Student Council, Honor Societies, Oratory and Forensic organizations, Academic, Community Service and Environmental clubs and Fine and Performing Arts productions. Many students compete in one or more of our 25 competitive sports teams. A total of 70 Community Service hours are required for graduation from High School. 100% of our Cupeyville School graduates are accepted in accredited stateside or overseas 4-year Higher Learning Institutions, many with full scholarships. Cupeyville School has achieved the prestigious Presidential Scholar, National Merit Scholar, National Hispanic Recognition Scholar and Dr. Adolfo Fortier Awards for its students’ superior test scores.

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